Team Motorhuset goes Clash of Nations

Posted 16 February 2012   Super Snowcross

“The Old fox” Marcus Evensson and the younger teammate Marcus Johansson comes to Falun. There are two really good drivers who started the season in the USA and has now gone really fast in the Swedish races.

Evensson has a long career behind him and took Swedish Mastership Gold 2007, Swedish Mastership Bronze 2008 and also has some nice 6 th places in World Championship 2006,2007 and 2008. Johansson (born1993) began running in earnest the 2008 season and took last season Swedish Mastership Gold in Pro Stock and the year before Swedish Mastership Gold for juniors. He has before its even taken the gold in the hill for juniors in both 2008 and 2009.

Clash of Nations was also at track for the first race in Duluth, USA, where both riders ran for Team Carlson Motorsports. There we noted that Evensson at a fine 4th place in his class while Johansson took an 8th place. The highlights from our US Travel was in addition to inviting the American drivers to Sweden to follow the Swedes’ success and to travel there. We have much to thank our Swedish ambassadors in the U.S. for when we recruit riders!

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