Nårsa and American teammate races Clash of Nations

Posted 09 February 2012   Super Snowcross

Petter Nårsa is one of the best riders right now and at the last World Championship he won Silver. Derek Ellis running for Team Boss Racing, which also Nårsa ran for the beginning of the season. The two teammates are likely to be candidates for top positions in the Super SnowCross.

It is not the first visit to Sweden for Derek Ellis, when he participated in Super Snowcross Kläppen 2010 he ended in third place and liked Sweden alot.

Season 2010 – 2011 is Petters best season to date. Of the 13 races he won all but three in which he ended up second.  A race he had to interrupt after being hit while in leader position. In the Snowcross final on April 9th in Östersund Petter was so superior that he won all the heats and in the  final heat he lapped all but the one that came in second.

Season 2011 – 2012 Petter began to run as a professional rider for Team Boss Racing inFargo, Minnesota, USA. The visit in the United States was just for a month to test to see if he will continue there next season or stay in Europe. When Petter came to the US he was completely unknown to the public and the media. He started, with for him a new and untested snowmobile brand; Ski-Doo, a new type of circuits with completely new conditions. Despite this handicap Petter took the command and knocked out all the leadingprofessionals in their class. Petter hit number one after the first start and kept the lead in the series throughout his stay in the US. This meant that he got the red leader license plate on his scooter, compared with “the yellow jersey in the bicycle race Tour de France.“ Petter left the United States as league leader, now well known to both thepublic and the media. Nårsa will also represent Sweden in the World Championship, 24-25 in Russia.

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